KKBO is a Self-Accountable Saving Application

KKBO is based off the Japanese saving method called Kakeibo, which encourages a strong saving mentality.
We built KKBO to help you practice Kakeibo in an efficient and easy manner.

Our Vision

We want to make budgeting easy.
It's easy to spend money without thinking. We want to encourage people to be mindful of what they spend. KKBO makes it easy for you to keep track of your budgeting.
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What is Kakeibo?

Kakeibo is a Japanese method of budgeting. You first split your monthly take-home income into 3 sections:

  1. Necessities - 50%
  2. Personal - 30%
  3. Savings - 20%

Then, you categorize your areas of spending. For example, getting groceries and paying rent can be considered as "necessities", whereas going out to eat and watching a movie can be "personal" expenses.

Savings is a hard constant, meaning that you immediately put away 20% of your savings that you do not touch under any circumstances.

So for example, if you make $4000 a month,

  • $2000 goes towards Necessities
  • $1200 goes towards Personal Expenses
  • $800 goes towards Savings

This way, you "pay yourself first", allowing you to spend the rest of your money as needed.

Keeping Track

The second main aspect of Kakeibo is documentation.

Now that you have split your income into those three sections, it is important to document your Necessary and Personal spending.

This is where KKBO comes in.

We built KKBO so it is easier for you to track your spending. In KKBO , you can create and organize categories, monitor your spending, and add transactions, and will instantly calculate how much have you spent, and how much is left.

KKBO will allow you to seemlessly keep track of your spending and and understand all the data that comes with documentation.

Thank you for considering KKBO and hope you have a great experience with it.